• Andrea Carbonell

"Boys will be boys"

The phrase boys will be boys was first recorded in English in 1589. This phrase has been used over the years as a way to excuse the actions and attitudes of boys and men of all ages. It's typically used to explain rowdy or naughty behaviour but, unfortunately, it is also used to explain away things like sexual assault allegations and other serious crimes. It doesn’t hold individuals responsible for their behaviour and choices but rather infers all males are preprogrammed to act in such ways.

In the past months, spiking has become a daily problem for girls when going out to clubs. As a response, women across the UK have been boycotting clubs for a "Girls Night In" protest. The issue here is that women wouldn't have to be taking action for these kinds of issues, but men should be taught and aware of how to behave around women.

According to Statista, for the year ending March 2021, there were 37,094 offences recorded by the police in England and Wales as; 'rape of a female aged 16 or over', the most of any sexual offence in this reporting year.

Boys will be boys is a phrase we should stop using, because being a boy does not give you the power to wolf whistle, wink at you, grab your bum or try to take a photo up your skirt.

Sources: Statista



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